Friday, November 22, 2013

get started with backtick

If you are a computer geek, and you look for a software that make web surfing easier, and your favourite web browser is google chrome, so you must know and use Backtick.

get started with backtick

First What is Backtick?
Backtick is a small chrome add-on in few kilo bytes, but with a lot of benifits.
With this ad-don, you can run a lot of common commands on websites that most webmasters use.
(download link is at the end of the post)

Commands that you can run with this extension:
Youtube skip ad: to skip InStream youtube video that contains ads or advertissements.
Share: to share the page that you surf with others.
WhatFont: This command can help to know what font this website use.
Viewport Resizer: to activate grides feature like photoshop.
Is it Down?: to know if the website is up or down to know also if the website is under a DDos attack.
Social share Count: know how many times your website was shared.
and more...

More about Backtick!
The commands above are only some standards ones, but you make your own commands. Learn how by viewing this tutorial on github click here.

Did this add-on support all web browsers?
Unfortunately no, so if you haven't google chrome, that is the opportunity to download it, and install it.
Link: click here

To Download Backtick:
backtick download link

If you have a question about backtick add-on, please leave a comment below.
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